Our Mission

      Preparing the way
                     of the Lord.


We are privileged and challenged to live in what may well be the most eventful time in world history, anticipating the soon return of Jesus Christ ( Yeshua haMashiach ) as Lord of His Church.

The Second Coming has been anticipated for 20 centuries by true followers of Christ as the “blessed hope” of the Church.  However, for those who are not prepared, Christ’s coming will not be accompanied by blessed hope but by a baneful cry.  At His first coming, Jesus came to save people from their sins, but at His Second Coming He will judge people in and for their sins.  The Bible makes clear that most people will be totally unprepared.  Shockingly, even many who profess the name of Christ will agonize over Christ’s rejection.  Every effort must therefore be made to woo, to warn and to prepare the hearts and minds of men for the momentous events rapidly unfolding before us.

Elijah Books was birthed for the express purpose of publishing books and materials that will prophetically prepare all peoples and nations for this unique hour of human history, especially those who profess the name of Christ.  In the words of Charles Crismier, our founder, “we are preparing the way of the Lord for history’s final hour.”  We pray you will be ready.