KING of the Mountain

FROM AGES PAST to the present, men, like boys before them, have sought to become “king of the mountain,” “lord of the hill.” And it is in this simple metaphor that the ultimate meaning and direction of history and prophecy is made manifest, revealing the mystery of the world’s rapidly-approaching and greatest battle for KING of the Mountain.

HERE IS THE HINGE OF HISTORY. All other issues and pursuits that consume the passions and purposes of mankind ultimately turn on the eternal question: “who will be king of the mountain?” This is the ultimate question of history which the power brokers and peoples of this planet must answer, both for time and eternity.

HISTORY’S FINAL BATTLE for KING of the Mountain will be a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all, global conflagration. It is, and always has been, and will be The Eternal, Epic, End-Time Battle for the Temple Mount and for the souls of men.

Who, then, will be KING of the Mountain? Join this amazing journey from the Tower of Babel to the Temple Mount and from Creation to the Coming of Messiah.


The Secret of the Lord

GOD HAS A SECRET. It is a life-changing, destiny-determining “secret.” It is a “secret” because the Bible says it is. It is God’s secret because He has declared it to be “secret.” Yet it is a secret God desires to disclose to all who will seek it, unlocking all of the covenantal blessings and promises of God, both on earth and for eternity.

Secrets are like mysteries. A mystery cries to be mastered. It remains a mystery until the right connections of fact are discerned, unveiling truth that sweeps away the shroud of “mystery.” So it is with secrets. Once uncovered, the secret is no longer “secret” but becomes available for decision-making regarding life direction and eternal destiny. Such is The Secret of the Lord.

“Secrets” abound. They can lure the unsuspecting to invest their lives and resources in false hopes leading to broken promises, disillusionment, and eventually eternal destruction. Yet God’s secret is singular and secure in a world offering a buffet table of supposed spiritual “secrets.” So important is God’s “secret,” that it becomes our Creator’s final gospel message to our planet before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There has never been a more urgent time to discover The SECRET of the Lord.


Seduction of the Saints

BEWARE DECEPTION! “Take heed that no man deceive you,” declared Jesus the day before his crucifixion. His words were chilling! They cast a frame around life and eternity. In the final moments of his life on earth, Jesus chose to leave the disciples, with whom he had invested his life and ministry, a penetrating and haunting warning they would never forget... a warning that echoes through the centuries to all his disciples preparing for the end of the age.

CAN SAINTS BE SEDUCED? The apostles did not miss the message. Mark and John both warn of the seduction of the saints. The Apostle Paul describes these last days as a time of desperate struggle to seduce the minds and hearts of the saints, for “...seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived,” and “some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits.”

WILL YOU BE DECEIVED? Will you be among the deceived? Can you be seduced? Paul says there is coming “a great falling away” or apostasy. The purpose of this book is to strengthen your faith and to give you the tools to identify and avoid end-time deception and the Seduction of the Saints.


The Return

The time of the last great shaking has begun... and God is both wooing and warning His Church to RETURN to Him.

With the heart of a shepherd and the unction of a prophet, Matthew Casey offers this loving but urgent call for genuine, Biblical revival in the American Church. From pulpit to pew, he shows the path of RETURN - to our first love for Christ, to the purity and power of the Spirit in our lives and fellowships, and to our God-ordained place of authority and righteous influence in our nation and throughout the world.

This book will rekindle your passion for Christ, refresh your love for His Church, renew your burden for the lost, and revive your vision for how you can be a vessel of God’s love and power in these Last Days. Read prayerfully... and expect to be changed.


Out of Egypt

Deliverance from Egypt to the hope of a Promised Land is the overarching theme of Israel’s history, and so it is also for the Church. Over 400 times from Genesis to Revelation, the phrase “Out of Egypt” or similar words can be found. But what does it mean for us today?

The Bible records that 600,000+ men plus women and children were delivered from Egypt, yet only two adults who left Egypt were allowed access by God to the Promised Land. Only Joshua and Caleb, who had “another spirit,” were allowed entry into God’s Promised Land. What are the implications for us on the near edge of the Second Coming?

Here is a profound journey of faith for all who dare to come Out of Egypt. The Word of God will come alive as you build end-time trust for end-time trials. Anchor the seat belt of your chariot for a ride back in history, preparing the way of the Lord in your life for history’s final hour.


Renewing the Soul of America

Never in world history, except for Israel, has a nation emerged so miraculously with such a sense of divine destiny and purpose as has America. One can scarcely indulge a brief review of her meteoric rise from the heroic bloodshed of the Revolutionary War to her position as leader among the powers of the earth without seeing the unmistakable hand of God upon the nation.

But America is at great risk. Her foundations are cracking, and it appears the hand of God’s protection is being withdrawn. What went wrong? And what must we do to correct course to fulfill God’s purposes and destiny for us? This book, endorsed by 38 national Christian leaders, provides the answers, if each of us has the courage to respond. Compelling, insightful and inspiring! Readers will find themselves personally caught in a drama for destiny.


The POWER of Hospitality

God’s plan for you includes hospitality. An open heart, open hand and open home is God’s divine design to open the hearts of people everywhere it is practiced. Hospitality connects our hearts with God’s heart, yet something dramatic has happened in our hearts, closing the doors of our homes, causing Christianity Today to ask, “Whatever Happened to Hospitality?”

The Apostle Paul reminds we must all be “given to hospitality.” Pastors and leaders must be “lovers of hospitality.” And the Apostle Peter declared, “The end of all things is at hand... use hospitality... without grudging.” Here is hidden power reserved by God for those who dare to practice it. It is PERSONAL, it is PRACTICAL, and it is PROPHETIC!

The POWER of Hospitality will change your life... yes even your family, church, city and world if you will let it.


Lasting Love

Happily Ever After is the undying hope for most couples who proclaim their undying love by sacred vow. But is it a reasonable and attainable hope, or is it merely an illusion rooted in eros and emotion when we declare, “I DO?“
The statistics of our time reveal a society tragically torn between the sacredness of a holy vow and the sorry state of betrothal and marital bliss. As one-holy matrimony fades in favor of a “hook-up“ culture defined increasingly by “have it my way“ cohabitation, the “hopes and dreams of all the years“ are betrayed by brokenness.
It is painful to point out the obvious that happily ever after is being lost indeed sacrificed on the now “sacred“ altar of the “ME, Me, me“ generation in pursuit of the eternal SELF. Lost to the marital imagination is the hope of Happily Ever After. might such a life-invigorating hope be restored? Is it possible that the simple secrets contained in a marital motto might breathe back into our marriages the hope that once sprang eternal in the breast of the betrothed?
HAPPILY MARRIED may just provide the needed spark. For, as we know, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.” In this small book, husband and wife will find marriage-transforming nuggets of truth passionately presented by Chuck and Kathie Crismier, whose fifty years of marriage are transparently translated so as to torch the life of every married couple.
A simple motto has guided and protected their marriage over many years, and in HAPPILY MARRIED, they offer its seven secrets to you. They call it OUR MARRIAGE MOTTO. Perhaps it will become yours.